One of the most frequent and common surgeries performed every year is Hernia repair surgeries. There are different types of Hernias – Umbilical, Incisional, abdominal, inguinal and hiatal hernia. When the inner layer of a muscle weakens and the lining that underlies that layer bulges through the weakened, a hernia occurs. This may occur in or around the navel or at an incision site from a previous injury or even surgery. This also occurs in the groin area and the abdominal wall. Hiatal hernia occurs where the esophagus meets the stomach.

It is an undeniably well known fact that medical operations do not guarantee fixes. So is in the case of hernia mesh repair. However, some cases conclude that it is not the medical operation but the product that had been in use to carry out the operation which is to be blamed. This means that there are chances of product defects. In such a case, a patient may have the right to file a product liability lawsuit.


As no manufacturers or persons would simply accept a case blindly and kneel down begging for forgiveness, it is important that a person is well equipped with the right information before taking a step. There are certain things that one should know before filing a hernia mesh lawsuit. Certain questions and answers based on hernia and mesh recalls can be brought to light even through Mesh Answers. The site provides required information online at any time of the day or night.

If a person faces complications after going through hernia mesh repairs, the patient may even be eligible for compensation. It is important that the patient know which products were used for the operation accurately. If the mesh is poorly designed and faulty resulting to complications in the patient’s condition, he or she is eligible to file a case against the manufacturer or manufacturers.

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