After the effects of continuous war, Somalia has fallen victim to evils of war and it has affected every aspect of their livelihood. Many are recovering from the effects of the harsh reality after the war. In the aftermath, children are more affected. The best place to start is get the children educated so as to bring about their all-round development.  And all this is possible through a chain of carefully guided academic career that will enable them to graduate and even attend college and grow to become responsible citizens who contribute to society.


The Somali university SIMAD is at the top of it success, that has overcome all difficulties. It is lauded for its use of high advanced technologies to teach its student and a variety of subject courses offered. The SIMAD University stands tall at par with other universities that came before it. With the passage of time more programs and interactive classes and even topics are added to the university curriculum, this opportune the students to delve into more dynamic and newer subjects. It is pertinent to mention that the SIMAD University offers a diverse range of international standard undergraduate and post graduate courses in various disciplines offered by the university’s faculties, academic departments and Institutes.

The SIMAD Universityhas done wonders for its students from providing internet availability, to the library that has an assorted array of books for zealous readers and high end technology in labs and computer rooms. It stands true to its claim of an ideal place for academic study.

Many students from abroad seek admission to one of the advanced courses at the SIMAD University which provides both help and assistance for better learning. The campus is situated at peaceful and quiet location thus ensuring proper concentration and away from noise pollution.


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