Cannabis sativa and sativa strains vs indica

Cannabis or marijuana comes in three types, namely cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis. On the other hand, the indica and sativa varieties are regarded as the two main kinds. When a form is formed with any ration of sativa or indica a new term called as hybrid is created.

In terms of flavor, indica strains are normally very sweet and fruity. Sativa strains on the other hand are musty, earthy and piney. Indicas have already been claimed to have originated from the inhospitable Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan where there are plenty of rugged areas. Sativas, on the contrary seemed to have originated in the tropics near the equator likely in places like Thailand, Colombia, Mexico and Southeast Asia.

indica vs sativa vs hybrid

Because of their differing contents the effects of sativa and indica strains differ. indica vs sativa paranoia are known to create a strong and uplifting head high whereas indicas have a tendency to generate a more body-centered stoned effect. Based on the natural variations in plant chemistry, it can be assumed that the mind is worked on by sativa while indica works on the body.

Sativas take rather a number of years to flower and get ready for harvesting, compared to indica plants which can be easy to grow and create. Some of the pure sativa forms are Hawaiian, Panama and Thai Red whereas Ketama and Afghani, Hindu Kush are some of the popular indica forms. These facts of cannabis sativa and cannabis indica signal that they’re really different from each other.

The indica and sativa strains of cannabis also can be discerned through compounds, their production size, symptom relief, and the names of their strains. All of these shows the clear qualities both the cannabis strains have in possession.

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